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UV Sterilizers

SMART UV Sterilizer Design

If Our Name's Not on it... it's Not a SMART UV Sterilizer!

SMART UV Sterilizers are generally larger because they offer a greater UV exposure area. All SMART UV Sterilizers are powered by our SMART Ballast Power Supply that operates the UV lamp at peak efficiency, providing optimal UV-C output and lamp life. Each SMART UV Sterilizer model positions the UV lamp(s) completely between the inlet/outlet ports to utilize the entire UV lamp length, unlike most competing
UV sterilizer brands.

SMART UV Parts Breakdown
  1. All SMART UV Sterilizers are watertight
    (providing that all SMART UV INSTRUCTIONS are followed correctly).
  2. Durable, heavy-wall construction increases product longevity and delivers many years of trouble-free operation. SMART UV Sterilizers are generally larger in size to provide a greater UV exposure area. They
    also utilize the UV Lamp's Arc Length and UV-C output to its maximum potential by positioning the UV Lamp(s) entirely between the inlet/outlet ports.
  3. All SMART UV Sterilizer models feature our highest quality, longest-lasting GPH T5 & T6 UV Lamps. They're made of chemically treated Hard Quartz "L" Glass (non-ozone emitting) to prevent nitrogen by-product deposits that can result in a significant loss of UV Transmittance through the UV Lamp's glass envelope
    and quartz sleeve. All of our UV Lamps deliver an impressive 9,000 hours of continual operation while still maintaining 80% efficiency.
  4. Easy-to-operate Quartz Sleeve/UV Lamp Power Assembly design allows for the removal of the entire
    Power Assembly for easy cleaning of the glass and the interior of the UV Sterilizer housing.
  5. Exclusive SMART Ballast delivers precise input wattage to the lamp, maximizing UV-C output and UV Lamp life. SMART Ballasts are positioned remotely on the "19.5 ft. power cord", away from the UV Sterilizer housing, to increase overall safety. SMART Ballasts are sealed and resist water damage in the event of a quartz sleeve failure.
  6. Clear viewing ports are positioned at both ends of the UV Sterilizer housing for safe internal inspection during operation.
  7. Optional Quartz Sleeve Wipers allow for easy removal of soft waste deposits without interrupting UV Lamp operation. Sterilizer and HO models feature our one-piece power/wiper assembly that simplifies servicing.
SMART HO UV Water Flow Diagram

SMART UV Sterilizers

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