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Authorized Dealer Benefits & Qualifications

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. manufactures high quality filtration products with unbeatable technical support!
Below is a list of benefits that will help you and your sales staff match competitor pricing, gain exposure and make confident sales.


Best Pricing
By supporting the Emperor Aquatics, Inc. Product Line you earn the best price! Our PLATEAU DISCOUNT makes our product line very profitable!

M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy
Follow our suggested MAP and increase your profit margins. Violate our MAP Policy and we reserve the right to take appropriate action against any dealer not abiding by it's guidelines.

Internet Exposure
Premium Emperor Aquatics, Inc. Authorized Dealers qualify for a "cameo" spot on the Emperor Aquatics-Aquarium website. An actual webpage spotlighting your business. Annual purchases of at least $10,000 are required to qualify as an Emperor Aquatics Authorized Dealer.

Information Hand-Out Literature
Emperor Aquatics hand-out literature encourages consumer education. Helpful, factual information unmatched by any competitor!



Business License
Must be forwarded to our sales office prior to us providing wholesale pricing or order processing. The business license must represent Emperor Aquatics, Inc's targeted selling markets.

Initial Order
Must be minimum of $1,800 (gross).

Minimum Annual Purchase
$5,000 for Authorized Dealers.

Minimum Annual Purchase
$10,000 for Premium Authorized Dealers

Store Front
With normal business hours is mandatory.

Stocking Dealers
Must stock our popular SMART UV Sterilizer models and replacement parts.

Bait & Switch
With existing or potential retail customers disqualifies a dealer from this program.

M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy
Must be followed by all Emperor Aquatics, Inc. Dealers and we reserve the right to take appropriate action against any dealer not obeying it.

If your business meets the above criteria, join the team and start dealing the highest quality aquarium filtration equipment! The most prestigious public aquariums, zoos and research facilities count on Emperor Aquatics, Inc. to provide their protection against harmful waterborne pathogens, your customers should to! View our client list.

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