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BioCELL Biological Filter Media

Biological Filter Media

BioCELL biological filter media is made of neutrally buoyant, "high-impact" polystyrene that provides a surface area of 198 ft²/ft³ for nitrifying beneficial bacteria. BioCELL media's size and surface configuration provides highly protected surface-areas (protecting colonies of nitrifying bacteria) while offering the added benefit of self-cleaning. BioCELL's neutral buoyancy combined with routine backwashing prevents clogging, while maintaining an excellent environment for nitrifying aerobic bacteria.

BioCELL Filter Media

  • #BC-1=BioCELL Bio-Media (1 ft³)
  • #BC-1 (In Bulk)=BioCELL Bio-Media (34 ft³)

BioCELL Filter Media

Model No. Description MSRP
BC-1 BioCELL Bio Media (1 Cubic Foot Box) $104.40

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