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Fluidized Bed Biofilter with Re-Air Tower

Biological Re-Air Towers

Re-circulating systems often times require re-aeration or de-gassing. Let Emperor Aquatics Inc. assist you with your de-gassing requirements. Our Re-Air Towers are designed to fit our fluidized bed filters, yet can be adapted to fit almost any application. Our de-gassing (ozone destruct units) are generally fabricated to meet the customer's needs. All units are both efficient and durable, offering outstanding performance and reliable operation.

Re-Air Tower Specifications

Model No. Description For Use w/ Model(s) Dimensions
COM5001A 3" Re-Air Tower COM5001 96" x 4"
COM5002A 6" Re-Air Tower COM5002, COM5003, COM5004 & COM5005 96" x 7"

Re-Air Towers

Model No. Description MSRP
COM5001A 3" Re-Air Tower Call
COM5002A 6" Re-Air Tower Call

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