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Protein Skimmers

Protein Skimming or Foam Fractionation is a valuable mode of filtration when used with closed recirculation systems. Both saltwater and freshwater systems can benefit from protein skimming, especially in those carrying intense fish loads.

How Protein Skimming Works

How Protein Skimming Works

Protein Skimming is accomplished by injecting (with a venturi injector) "Micro-Fine" air bubbles into the water stream as it enters the contact reactor.

The "Water-Air" mixture is held inside of the contact reactor for a predetermined retention time (60-120 seconds). During this retention time, the fine air bubbles are given the chance to accumulate dissolved organic wastes and tiny particles on their bubble walls.

The many "Micro-Fine" air bubbles, laden with organic waste, eventually rise to the top of the contact reactor where a dense foam collimates.

Once the foam accumulates at the top of the reactor and into the waste collector. When foam exits the reactor the protein skimming process is complete.

Protein Skimming Notes
Water effluent will vary from a light colored, yellowish liquid to a dark green. A dark color effluent has less water content representing a more concentrated waste. Lowering the water level inside the reactor and increasing the foam collimating time will produce a more concentrated waste effluent.

AquaFoam PVC Protein Skimmers

AquaFoam PVC Venturi Protein Skimmers are operated using a dedicated water pump from a centralized sump (pump not included). Our PVC constructed AquaFoam Skimmers are very durable and offer many years of dependable operation.

AquaFoam PVC Protein Skimmer Available in four sizes, each model is easy to install and maintain. In fact, these skimmers are so durable that, after years of service, they can be brought back to nearly new condition with a thorough cleaning.

  • Clear PVC Wash-Down Waste Collector features a removable lid, effluent waste discharge port and pig-tail, wash-down spray nozzle
  • Opaque PVC body prevents light from entering the inside of the contact chamber (light inside the contact chamber typically results in the growth of unwanted algae). Opaque PVC is much more durable than acrylic, thus increasing operating life
  • Our exclusive Dual Venturi Manifold allows for precise independent venturi adjustments, which are ideal when applying ozone. This allows the operator to match the Venturi Vacuum to the ozone generator's operating requirements
  • Optional Water Pump and Unionized Pump Manifold are available. The pump manifold includes a wash-down solenoid (timer-controlled) valve, gate valve and by-pass valve
  • Optional Clean Water Outlet Stand Pipe is available upon request with
    your requirements

AquaFoam PVC Series Specifications

Model No. Dimensions
Diam. x Height
Venturi Style/
Inlet Port Size
Outlet Style/
Port Size
Water Flow Rate
1½ Minute Dwell Time
First Venturi
Air Flow @ 10 PSI
Venturi Manifold Pump
COM3006 7" x 94" Dual/1" Base/1½" 11 GPM 30 CFH 340036
COM3008 9" x 96" Dual/1½" Base/1½" 22 GPM 70 CFH 340036
COM3010 11" x 120" Dual/1½" Base/2" 34 GPM 70 CFH 340038
COM3012 13" x 120" Dual/2" Base/2" 55 GPM 81 CFH 340039

AquaFoam PVC Series Protein Skimmers

Model No. Description MSRP
COM3006 7" x 94" AquaFoam PVC Series Protein Skimmer Call
COM3008 9" x 96" AquaFoam PVC Series Protein Skimmer Call
COM3010 11" x 120" AquaFoam PVC Series Protein Skimmer Call
COM3012 13" x 120" AquaFoam PVC Series Protein Skimmer Call

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Prices in Blue - Products Ship in 3-10 Business Days.
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Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (EST)

Protein Skimming in Freshwater with Ozone

Protein Skimming with Ozone

The benefits of protein skimming are well known. No other form of filtration removes dissolved organic wastes (fats/phenols) while at the same time re-oxygenating the water. In the past, the protein skimming process was thought to be only possible in heavier saltwater, as opposed to freshwater. However, this is a misconception. Protein Skimming is well-suited for freshwater applications.

Protein Skimming, used with a smaller freshwater home aquarium, is probably impractical. However, when applied to commercial recirculation systems, the benefits are quite extraordinary. For example, consider the waste production of a single 10,000 gallon Tilapia recirculation system without the use of protein skimming. The resulting color of the water would most likely be orange since enormous amounts of both solid and dissolved organic waste are constantly being produced. Contrast this to systems using properly sized protein skimmers where the water would be substantially clearer.

Removing solid waste is easily accomplished with separators and screens, but fine solids and dissolved organic material are different. On a large scale installation, there are essentially two choices: either large water changes (to dilute) or protein skimming (to remove).

Combining a small amount of ozone with protein skimming enhances its performance in freshwater by oxidizing the available organic contaminants. This ultimately enhances flocculation and absorption onto the bubble wall.

When considering the use of ozone, be certain that the air (preferably pure oxygen) that is used to feed the ozone generator is dry and clean. The feed gas to the ozone generator ultimately establishes the efficiency and operation life of the equipment. Managing ozone dosing can be achieved by implementing an OPR (oxygen reduction potential) Meter.

Custom Equipment

Delzone Ozone Generator

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. specializes in customizing equipment to your application, according to your specifications. Whether your requirements are integrated ozone injection with controls or specific port sizes or dimensions, simply supply us with a shop drawing and we will build the filter you need.

Delzone Corona Discharge Ozone Generators
Features include 20 kHz frequency and ceramic tube dielectric ozone generator cells for consistent and reliable ozone production. Delzone models CD-2 to CD-45 feature configurable feed gas options, multiple safety features and sturdy construction.

Delzone Ozone Generator Specifications

Model No. Ozone Output G/HR Ozone Concentration Voltage Required Power Required Ambient Operating Temp. Oxygen Feed Flow Cooling Water Inlet Temp. Inlet Pressure Enclosure Material Enclosure Finish
CD-2 2 G/HR 2.5%
by wt.
115V-50/60Hz 3.5 A 40-100° F 2.5 SCFH N/A N/A N/A 14 Gauge Steel White
CD-5 5 G/HR 2.0%
by wt.
115V-50/60Hz 4.5 A 40-100° F 6 SCFH N/A N/A N/A 14 Gauge Steel White
CD-7 7 G/HR 2.5-3.0%
by wt.
115V-50/60Hz 5.5 A 40-100° F 7 SCFH N/A N/A N/A 14 Gauge Steel White
CD-15 15 G/HR 3.5%
by wt.
115V-50/60Hz 7.0 A 40-100° F 13 SCFH 0.10 GPM 50-90° 15-40 PSI 14 Gauge Steel White
CD-25 25 G/HR 3.5-4.0%
by wt.
115V-50/60Hz 7.5 A 40-100° F 7.5 SCFH 0.40 GPM 50-90° 15-40 PSI 14 Gauge Steel White
CD-45 45 G/HR 4.0%
by wt.
115V-50/60Hz 18 A 40-100° F 30 SCFH 0.20 GPM 50-90° 15-40 PSI 14 Gauge Steel White

Delzone Ozone Generators

Model No. Description MSRP
CD-2 2 G/HR - 2.5% by wt. Ozone Generator Call
CD-5 5 G/HR - 2.0% by wt. Ozone Generator Call
CD-7 7 G/HR - 2.5-3.0% by wt. Ozone Generator Call
CD-15 15 G/HR - 3.5% by wt. Ozone Generator Call
CD-25 25 G/HR - 3.5-4.0% by wt. Ozone Generator Call
CD-45 45 G/HR - 4.0% by wt. Ozone Generator Call

Prices in Red - Products Ship in 1-3 Business Days.
Prices in Blue - Products Ship in 3-10 Business Days.
Call to Order (610) 970-0440
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (EST)

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