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C-Series Pressure Bag Filters

Pressure Bag Filters

Our Pressure Bag Filters provide unmatched solid waste capture without generating any waste water. This is especially important in systems using expensive synthetic sea salt. Pressure Bag Filters are best used as a post mechanical filter prior to the UV Sterilizer.

We offer the C-Series Pressure Bag Filter featuring our unique "Poly-Lok" filter bag with handles for easy removal from the canister. C-Series Bag Filters feature an easy-to-use, screw-on lid, air bleed, pressure gauge and unionized 1.5" ports. C-Series filter bags are available in two sizes, 16" and 26" and are available in a variety of micron porosities.

Our Emperor Aquatics, Inc. Pressure Bag Filter features durable PVC construction, quarter-turn easy on/off lid and 1.5" ports.

Automatic By-Pass Valve

Automatic By-Pass Valve (#30B0051) protects the pump and filter if pressure bag clogs.

C-Series Pressure Bag Filters

Model No. Description MSRP
3761050 C50 TBF Bag Filter / 7" x 16" Bag $541.00
10115 25 Micron C-50 Replacement Bag Call
10116 50 Micron C-50 Replacement Bag Call
10117 100 Micron C-50 Replacement Bag Call
10118 200 Micron C-50 Replacement Bag Call
37610750 C75 TBF Bag Filter / 7" x 26" Bag $823.00
10119 25 Micron C-75 Replacement Bag Call
10120 50 Micron C-75 Replacement Bag Call
10121 100 Micron C-75 Replacement Bag Call
10122 200 Micron C-75 Replacement Bag Call

*30B0051 Recommended Auto Bypass Valve

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