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Helix Disc Filters

Helix Disc Filter

Helix Disc Filters are mechanical filters ideal for filtering sediment and soft fibrous material such as algae, bugs and other light solid waste. Color coded disc's are available in a variety of micron sizes.

Body- Contains one inlet and two outlets enabling the filter to be installed at either 90 or 180 degrees. The body contains inlet/outlet pressure gauge ports (pressure gauges optional) which monitor the pressure differential across the filter.

Closure- 316 stainless steel, strong and reliable quick release clamp assembly.

Discs- The three-dimensional filter discs are ideal for filtering sediment as well as algae.

Lid- The lid is injection-molded, using an incredibly strong polyamide material. The centrifugal action created by the
helix-elements spirals heavier particles down to the bottom of the filter. The particles are then flushed, either manually or automatically, from the ¾" flush port.

How It Works

Helix Disc Filter Diagram
  1. Solids laden water enters the filter housing through the inlet connection.
  2. Dirty water passes through the helix-element, the water starts to spin at a high velocity. This centrifugal action spins the particles away from the disc media, minimizing manual cleaning frequency.
  3. As particles are spun down to the base of the filter, they are flushed via the ¾" female threaded flush port.
  4. The dirty water passes from the outside to the inside of the discs. The grooves, molded into the surface of the three-dimensional discs, trap the remaining contaminates in the water.
  5. After passing through the discs, the filtered water flows upward and exits the filter through one or both of the outlets. A threaded cap is provided to seal one of the outlets if both ports are not required.

Helix Disc Filter Specifications

Model No. Model Type Inlet/Outlet
Size & Type
Filter Surface Area
(sq. in.)
Flush Port
Connection Size
Maximum Flow Maximum
Pressure Rating
Width x Height
HD-2NA Regular 2"/NPT 186 3/4" 100 GPM 125 PSI 12 1/8" x 24 1/8"
HD-2SA Super 2"/NPT 263 3/4" 100 GPM 125 PSI 12 1/8" x 28 3/4"
HD-3NA Regular 3"/NPT 263 3/4" 200 GPM 125 PSI 12 1/4" x 30"
HD-2NW Regular 2"/Victaulic 186 3/4" 100 GPM 125 PSI 12 1/8" x 24 1/8"
HD-2SW Super 2"/Victaulic 263 3/4" 100 GPM 125 PSI 12 1/8" x 28 3/4"
HD-3NW Regular 3"/Victaulic 263 3/4" 200 GPM 125 PSI 13 1/4" x 30"

Helix Disc Filters

Model No. Description MSRP
HD-2NA Regular 2"/NPT Helix Disc Filter $478.80
HD-2SA Super 2"/NPT Helix Disc Filter $598.80
HD-3NA Regular 3"/NPT Helix Disc Filter $718.80
HD-2NW Regular 2"/Victaulic Helix Disc Filter Call
HD-2SW Super 2"/Victaulic Helix Disc Filter Call
HD-3NW Regular 3"/Victaulic Helix Disc Filter Call

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