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Cut-to-Fit Filter Felt

Cut-to-Fit Filter Felt

Emperor Aquatics, Inc.'s Filter Felt traps and holds solid waste more effectively than floss, D.L.S. and foam because of it's durable "needled" construction. Our "micron specific" advantage allows for exact particle size removal. Available in 100 and 200 micron sizes, this durable filter enhancer can be cleaned and re-used frequently. Super Filter Felt is a cut-to-fit media that will fit any type of aquarium filter, simply position before the water intake.

Filter Felt Advantages

  • For Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums
  • Safe, Quick and Easy to Use
  • Enhances the Performance of Wet-Dry Filters, Pleated Cartridges and
    Aquarium Pre-Filters.
  • Cut-to-Fit sizing (you cut to fit).
  • Leaves Water Crystal Clear

Filter Felt

Filter Felt Masterpacks (6x)

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Cut-to-Fit Filter Felt

Model No. Description
10005 12" x 18" 100 Micron Filter Felt
10010 18" x 30" 100 Micron Filter Felt
10015 30" x 36" 100 Micron Filter Felt
10028 30" x 36" 200 Micron Filter Felt
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