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BioFOAM Biological Filters

BioFOAM Biological Filter

BioFOAM biofilters combine "Moving-Bed" biofiltering with protein skimming to create a very effective biological filter system. The "Moving-Bed" biofilter utilizes suspended media, which eliminates the possibility of a channeling media bed. Additionally, a by-product of this process, foam collimates/separates at the top of the filter vessel, taking dissolved organic wastes up and out of the filter. The result: Optimum nitrification, improved water clarity and dissolved oxygen saturation.

  • Moving-Bed Biofiltration creates an ideal environment for
    nitrifying aerobic bacteria colonies
  • Will not channel or pack down the media bed
  • Removes small suspended waste particles
  • Removes dissolved organic waste
  • Increases dissolved oxygen level

BioFOAM "Moving-Bed" Biofilter Operation
Water from the livestock tank is continuously circulated inside the BioFOAM Filter. An independent pump recirculates water inside the BioFOAM reactor via an air venturi manifold. The oxygenated water suspends and tumbles the media, providing an optimal environment for colonizing nitrifying bacteria.

The oxygen-rich water inside the BioFOAM reactor contains micro-fine air bubbles that travel upward through the reactor, accumulating both small particles and dissolved organic waste on their bubble walls. These tiny air bubbles not only help to suspend and move the media bed, but also increase dissolved oxygen. This process ultimately creates a dense foam at the top of the filter. This waste-laden foam separates from the system's water as it climbs up and out of the waste tube.

BioFOAM Biofilter Specifications

Model No. Dimensions
Diam. x Height
Venturi Style/
Inlet Port Size
Outlet Style/
Port Size
Water Flow Rate
1.5 Minute
Dwell Time
Biological Media
Cubic Feet
Venturi Manifold Pump Auto
COM3020-B 20" x 75" Single/1.5" S.P./2" 50 GPM 4.0 340036 Yes
COM3024-B 24" x 105" Dual/2" S.P./3" 80 GPM 10.0 340036 Yes
COM3028-B 28" x 110" Dual/2" S.P./3" 100 GPM 16.0 340036 Yes
COM3031-B 31" x 130" Dual/3" S.P./4" 150 GPM 25.0 340036 Yes
COM3036-B 36" x 130" Dual/3" S.P./4" 225 GPM 30.0 340037 Yes
COM3045-B 45" x 105" Dual/4" S.P./6" 300 GPM 37.0 340038 Yes
COM3046-B 46" x 170" Dual/4" S.P./6" 375 GPM 75.0 340038 Yes

BioFOAM Biofilter

Model No. Description MSRP
COM3020-B 20" x 75" BioFOAM Biofilter Call
COM3024-B 24" x 105" BioFOAM Biofilter Call
COM3028-B 28" x 110" BioFOAM Biofilter Call
COM3031-B 31" x 130" BioFOAM Biofilter Call
COM3036-B 36" x 130" BioFOAM Biofilter Call
COM3045-B 45" x 105" BioFOAM Biofilter Call
COM3046-B 46" x 170" BioFOAM Biofilter Call

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