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Fluidized Bed Biological Filters

Fluidized Bed Biofilter with Re-Air Tower

Fluidized Bed Biological Filters have a long-established reputation as a small footprint/high surface area bio-filter. When space is limited, fluidized bed biofilters should be considered in your aquarium filtration system.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc.'s Fluidized Bed Filters use a 1mm silica sand or garnet that offers a tremendous amount of surface area for colonizing "aerobic" bacteria. The Fluidized Bed Biofilter is more efficient at TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) removal than packed column style biofilters.

  • Up-flow design allows solid particles to pass through the bed rather than become trapped and potentially damage the system
  • Exclusive Emperor Aquatics, Inc.'s "U" design, in combination with the inlet's swing check valve, prevents the sand media bed from packing down inside the filter during start-up
  • Inlet Gate Valve allows precise media bed level adjustments
  • Durable Heavy-Wall Plastic Construction
  • Optional Re-Air Tower
  • Optimal TAN removal rates
  • Easy to install and operate

Fluidized Bed Biofilter Specifications

Model No. Description Maximum System Size Flow Rate Dimensions
H x W x D
Inlet Outlet TAN Removal with
6 ft. Filter Bed Level
COM5001 3" Fluidized Bed 700 Gallons 5 GPM 96" x 18" x 6" ½" 1½" 0.0076 kg/day
COM5002 6" Fluidized Bed 2,500 Gallons 18 GPM 96" x 24" x 7" 1" 1½" 0.0285 kg/day
COM5003 8" Fluidized Bed 5,000 Gallons 32 GPM 96" x 28" x 9" 1" 1½" 0.072 kg/day
COM5004 10" Fluidized Bed 8,000 Gallons 49 GPM 96" x 30" x 11" 1½" 1½" 0.0855 kg/day
COM5005 12" Fluidized Bed 10,000 Gallons 71 GPM 96" x 36" x 13" 1½" 1½" 0.1235 kg/day

Fluidized Bed Biological Filters

Model No. Description MSRP
COM5001 3" Fluidized Bed Call
COM5002 6" Fluidized Bed Call
COM5003 8" Fluidized Bed Call
COM5004 10" Fluidized Bed Call
COM5005 12" Fluidized Bed Call

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