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Emperor Aquatics, Inc. manufactures high quality equipment for ponds, water gardens, aquariums, fountains, public exhibits, fish hatcheries, fish food growers, research facilities, seafood markets and pools all over the world. The Emperor Aquatics, Inc. product line encompasses a wide variety of filtration components which includes, but is not limited to: UV Sterilization, Mechanical Filtration, Biological Filtration, Protein Skimming or Foam Fractionation and Oxygen/Ozone Contactors.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. has built a strong reputation through custom component fabrication, customizing filtration systems for any size and style of application.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. has a strong commitment to customer education, believing that an educated consumer can make a sound purchase, which leads to customer satisfaction! In fact, the firm's objectives are, and have always been, to provide their customers with the highest quality equipment and technical support, striving to provide the most accurate and factual information possible about our products and our industry. Emperor Aquatics, Inc. is working hard to stamp out the misinformation and unsubstantiated hype within the hobbyist industries such as the home aquarium and water garden markets. The future growth of these industries rely on factual information and satisfied hobbyists.

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