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BREAKING NEWS: Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. made official announcement of its purchase of
Emperor Aquatics, Inc. | More information here on the Emperor Aquatics blog.

SMART UV Sterilizers are designed to achieve
optimum germicidal disinfection, protecting your
valuable home aquarium livestock against harmful waterborne
pathogens. The design of our SMART UV Sterilizers is the result
of a calculated balance between equipment size, cost and
performance; making SMART UV Sterilizers the best option for home
aquarium disinfection. For more information visit our SMART UV pages.

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Authorized DealersMore than just aquarium supplies… delivers proven solutions to problematic aquarium water quality issues that include solid waste, waterborne pathogens and harmful bacteria. Emperor Aquatics, Inc. (EAI) understands that aquariums resemble an aquaculture application. This explains why our aquarium filters and UV sterilizer equipment is usually larger than competing brands. Larger aquarium filter or UV sterilizer/clarifier size equates to greater operating capacity! Combine greater filter capacity, durability with unmatched information integrity to achieve optimum water quality results in your aquarium. Follow the AQUARIUM links above for more information. The Authorized Dealer Locator will direct you to your nearest Emperor Aquatics Authorized Dealer.

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